Eddie Mercury is concerned. His ruling planet is in retrograde since July 14th and will remain in this state until August 3rd. This does not bode well as everything tends to slow down and sometimes stall during this periord which occurs 3-4 times each year. What does retrograde mean? Well, think of the train in which you are riding passes a slower train. Looking out the window it appears that the other train has stopped or is going much slower. In this case, as with the stopped or slower train, Mercury does not physically slow down, it just manifests an apparent slowdown relative to Earth’s motion. There is good news however! Today Mercury is at aphelion (or apogee as it is incorrectly called). Which means that it is the closest to the earth that it can be. It has flung itself out on its eliptical orbit miles from the Sun, and with it brings positive energy and force. Will that action counteract  its retrograde properties? I believe so, although many in the astrological and astronomical communities disagree wth me. 

Needless to say Eddie does not need slowdown or stalling in his life right now. His life is moving too fast. When he was a little kid it seemed to move so slowly; not any more. He remembers the grammar school days when he and his pal Hocky would start out on Saturday morning at 8:00 and rejoice that they had 9 whole hours to play before the street lights went on and they had to be home. And that 9 hours took a long  time to pass and they had it crammed full of wondrous activities: catching mice, snakes and parakeets, building wagons, race cars and rockets, fishing, finding meteorites. But today Eddie says “Where has the time gone?” Which is why he likes Mercury. It is the planet that circles the Sun in the shortest period of time. While its day is equivalent to 59 Earth days, it takes only 88 days to orbit the Sun, its year. Mercury chases the sun. It wants to outrun the Sun, but of course it can’t. It gives it its best shot. Which is why Eddie loves it so much. Besides being his ruling planet (Eddie is a Gemini), it inspires him.  And thus the discussion about retrograde, aphelion, and the Sun. But the most exciting event of all is Mercury Transit, when the planet actually comes between Earth and the Sun. More about that later. In 2016.

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