Edward Gregory Jones is a lifelong resident of New York City. He grew up in the Bronx, the oldest of six children, and has lived most of his life in Manhattan.  Edward was educated in Catholic grammar and high schools by the priests and nuns, whom he liked very much as they paid attention to him and  treated him with great kindness. He went on to attend  The City College of New York and Baruch College where he obtained an MBA. He served with the U.S Marines in the Viet Nam War . Fortunately he emerged unscathed. “There is nothing so exhilarating as to be fired upon without result,” said Sir Winston Churchill speaking of his experience at Gallipoli in World War I.  Edward spent 30 years as a business executive in the  global telecommunications industry. and retired in 2006 to pursue an acting career. He had roles in theater, TV and film and is a proud member of the SAG-AFTRA and Actor’s Equity unions. Edward is a Gemini, whose planetary ruler is Mercury , the god of communication.  Some esoteric knowledge he possesses includes jumping a horse over a fence and sending and receiving Morse Code. He loves writing, reading, books, music, collecting postage stamps, and studying Japanese.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. i have an ache in my throat after reading. you left out the oldest of 6 siblings. you are blessed to have spent much time with Ned.

  2. You haven’t updated since August. Do; you want submissions? I wrote a review of Ann Coulter’s latest book if you want to see it. You may Email me if interested.

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