Stuff That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

For years Boeing, that great aircfrat maufacturing company, has been complaining about its arch-rival and nemisis Air Bus Industie, the European aircraft manufacturer.  Yes, the same Boeing that shipped over 1,000 engineering jobs to Moscow. Read Moscow Russia, not Idaho. Well guess what? Air Bus Industrie just announced that they will build an aircraft manufacturing plant, guess where? That’s right you got it, Mobile, Alabama, at a cost of almost $1B. And the plant will employ more than 1,000 workers. Score a major coup for the State of Alabama. Airbus has 200 people already working there so they got to know the place. So much for Globalization and Boeing’s whining.

One thought on “Stuff That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

  1. Hey…I guess Boeing learned something about politics, “Chi-cah-go-Style” when they moved their headquarters to Da Windy City a few years back…then they moved some jobs to Moscow…now it’s payback time from Airbus. How’s that old saying go…”What goes around, comes around” ? The world is in free fall….

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